Gallery Mode and More!



- Gallery mode where you can view your designs from the story or free design mode. (It also acts kinda like a jukebox for the level music which is fun too).

- An escape menu so you can leave the game or toggle fullscreen mid-story.

- Yamasen is now more responsive and chatty while designing.

- In free design mode you can now design in the void without items fading away.

- Minor improvements to the text and menu display systems.

Bug Fixes:

- The game no longer sometimes picks up items underneath the intended item.

- Fixed a problem where mid-level text appeared without being clicked on.

- Fixed a problem where multiple character sprites get drawn at once.

I think that's all of them but if there are any bugs still in the game please let me know.

Thank You!

I'd like to thank everyone who played Hermit Home Designer and a special thanks to all the people who have supported the game. I really didn't think more than a couple of people would care about my weird little game so your support truly means a lot to me. I'm new to programming and game development so this game, though small, took a lot of time and effort and taught me a lot. I hope you'll return for my future projects that will be bigger and better and always made with love.

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