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Yamasen-Chan's Hermit Home Designer is a hikikomori themed visual novel and designing game. Yamasen-Chan is a hikikomori who lives in isolation and never leaves her home. she really wants her home to look great! 

Will you help her make a stylish and comfy home?


6 unique homes to design

Complete Visual Novel Narrative

Over 100 items to design with

 Original Soundtrack

Game design, art, and music by Ryan Nein:

Post your designs in the comments!


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Hermit Home Designer v03.zip 68 MB


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This game felt more like a character study and how social anxiety basically consumed her and decided to live inside her own mind instead of actually living in the real world
ending felt pretty bleak, this is not what i came for 

This game was really cute and the ending definitely got me. The more I played, the more extreme it got. Great game.

I have to say, I have zero interest in designing a functional home for her. What end up happening is... I put stuff to where it satisfy my own curiosity. The end is a little extreme and makes you wondering how does she survive all these years XD 

Is there a way to rotate items?

As of the current version of the game, no


Absolutely fantastic. The home designing elements, the humor, and the sad story of a hermit made this game a lot of fun to sit through and play.


Hey, game is great.
Just wanted to tell you: You accidentally bundled, together with the game, a shortcut to Visual Studio 2019.

Yeah it's just a shortcut but it's better to remove so you dont confuse some people.

whoops, I don't know how that ended up in there. I just took it out.

I'm glad you liked the game


It was a cute and fun game, my wife was watching me play and she started going angry with the girl for literally almost killing herself over her obsession and i was laughing the whole time.

Thanks for the 1 hour of fun time, mate. Hope to see more games from you.

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Haha this game is so good! I love how much mileage you were able to get out of a seemingly straightforward concept, and in really unexpected ways! I played this game with my partner and since I didn’t see the game description, I genuinely thought there was going to be like one level; seeing it instead evolve into spoiler warning increasingly absurd scenarios was really funny and entertaining. Also the music was great!

Altogether this is a very cute and charming game, and as someone who also struggles with social anxiety, definitely a bit relatable as well. Thanks for sharing :)

Oh also! I totally didn’t think to screenshot my designs, so I want to second that a gallery mode that saves your completed rooms would be a great addition if you get the chance!

Thank you so much!


Delightful game, and a somewhat saddening story making you question and reflect on what a lot of people may be struggling with. I really enjoyed this experience. I would have loved to have a gallery in the game for the completed room decorations.


Thanks for the feedback, that's a great idea


good game

I'm just glad she survives.