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Yamasen-Chan's Hermit Home Designer is a hikikomori themed visual novel and designing game. Yamasen-Chan is a hikikomori who lives in isolation and never leaves her home. She really wants her home to look great! 

Will you help her make a stylish and comfy home?


6 unique homes to design

Complete Visual Novel Narrative

Over 100 items to design with

 Original Soundtrack

Design, art, programming, and music by Ryan Nein

Spanish translation by Agustina Celestino

Post your designs in the comments!

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(83 total ratings)
AuthorRyan Nein
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Illustrator
TagsAnime, Casual, Cozy, Cute, design, Hand-drawn, Narrative, Short, weird
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian, Spanish; Latin America
AccessibilityOne button


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Hermit Home Designer Windows.zip 74 MB
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this is game used to be free

It still is free. After clicking the download button there is an option that says "Just take me to the downloads"

The game is really useful for generally designing rooms, and is overall very chill. However, I'm dealing with some issues that make the game unplayable - It's impossible to click on the finish button, or change to any other wall decorations. I checked it on both full-screen and windowed mode, but both are unplayable (full-screen doesn't let me see the options, and windowed just won't let me press the buttons).

I'm not sure what is causing the problem. Are you playing on windows or linux?

I'm playing on Windows 10.

I think I discovered it: the clickable options only work by clicking a bit below them, so if I hover over something directly, it won't work, but if, for example, I hover my mouse near the bottom of my screen in windowed mode, that's the area where the trashcan would actually work at. The finished button, therefore, isn't clickable as it's located off the screen. Full screen mode is probably a monitor size issue. 


Really love the somewhat dark humour of this game paired with the really chilled room designing was really fun.

(2 edits)

i dont know whats wrong i cant finish the room or change item menus to get to the wall items :( when i click on an item i cant put it back and have to place it

i dont see anyone else with this problem and idont know if its intentional or not ?? im really confused and just want to play the game

(edit: it seems the problem is the size of my moniter?? i cant access some of the buttons i need because the game size doesnt fit my moniter i think

I updated the game so you can toggle fullscreen with the F key. I think doing so might solve your monitor problem.

thank you!!


Great game! I wasn't expecting it to be as sad as it was

Hey there, Ryan! I'm a freelance english-spanish translator, and I'd like to offer you a spanish translation of your game <3 
I couldn't find any other way to contact you.
You can find my contact info in my profile if you're interested!! :)

That would be amazing. I'll email you.


I think this game has much more depth than the cutesy VN-pink Unpacking-ish feeling you initially get. I thought that the flavor text in all of Yamasen-chan's putative belongings added much to the atmosphere --and I wish they would have played a role in how she evaluated her place after my work was done, which is one of the slight flaws this game has. 
I also feel that her slow descent into more and more seclusion was very touching and hit close to home after the pandemic. Thank you for this game, I think it will stay with me for some time. 

(1 edit) (+1)

ahh i had so much fun playing this!! its such a creative game and i had a great time decorating each room. the depressing and unsettling tones behind this game makes it even more interesting to play. i love it! <3

This game was pretty fun but kind of unsettling seeing how far Yamasen-Chan was willing to go to be able to not interact with people. I get these feelings of not wanting to interact with people but you I wish it was that easy to retreat into my mind forever =)

I wish it was that easy. I wish I could just retreat into my mind and live there forever. 


This game is so good. It's been a few days since I started and I've already spent 12 hours in this game. I like that it's supported on Linux. 10/10 :)


I love your void design, creative use of tatami mats!



Yamasen-Chan's Hermit Home Designer is a short hikikomori themed visual novel which is a person whom isolates themselves from social interactions and will shut themselves into their homes due to social anxieties and lack of motivation.

I have only showed some of the design elements in the game but there is a lot more to play with such as plants and other decor.  You're designing the homes or places where this young woman Yamasen-Chan whom is an hikikomori lives, it's truly a very sad and tragic way to live but many whom are hikikomori's do not see this as such perhaps and there truly needs to be more support and therapy for those whom suffer this life often alone and isolated.

I enjoyed the design elements of the game and learning about the life of this young woman and how she sees herself and how her life kind of starts to unravel more and more as she tries to run away from her problems yet it still tries to be light hearted in that aspect which I give the creator kudos for.  


This was very psychological, a good way of looking at someone's downward descent and showing how one can believe they have cured themselves after eliminating all of the things that they fear by complete avoidance. Truly a unique way of showing this phenomenon. I applaud you! 

(1 edit) (+3)

i really liked the result, very cute game<3


such a nice game. cute whilst conveying a deep message. <3

Deleted 2 years ago

I'm sorry the game isn't working for you. At the time of releasing the Mac version, I tested it and it worked. I'll try to see what the problem is but I don't own a mac personally so it might take a while.

Cool hit us up if you fixed it :)


Hey i tried to download it but it said it's defect 

(1 edit)

i've watching some videos about this game and it looks amazing to play but i having a problem triyng to open the game, when i try to play it said that i don't have a certain permission to play :( if you kwon how to fix it pls tell me

update: i finally could play the game! it was some weird malfuction on my notebook. i really liked the game, its really nice to play and just relax


I don't know what is causing that problem, but this looks like it answers your question. I hope you can figure it out and enjoy the game
If you need permission to open an item on Mac - Apple Support

i have a question, is it possible for me to play your game on a notebook? maybe that's the reason i can't play

If it runs on windows 10 or macOS it should work


Lovely game!! I just started and I'm really enjoying it!! I hope to see more from you <3



It wont take me to the game i already doenloaded both things







good game i like to make the rooms :) thought it's sad story too 


Just downloaded the game and I have no regrets at all. It's great and the storyline is too. 10/10


Tell me how to play it


depression but you pretend you're happy. 8/10 she's me but I'm ugly as hell


Pretty cute sad funny! 
Very well done and the options to keep just designing and save your designs are a nice extra.

uhm I saw this game from a YouTuber and I really liked it but I have no money so I can't play it because if I clic install it says that I have to pay something so I can't play it but still I think it's a nice game :) :

Payments are optional. Just click "Download Now" then the "Just take me to the downloads" button.

Okay thanks

how do i play on hp chromebook i cant figure out how to launch the game i need some help plzz!


It was fun, I liked how the story developed.


Glad you liked it


I kinda feel bad cuz I just filled her room with lamps and missed half her dialogue the first time.


it happens, the lamps are nice

(3 edits) (+5)

I really liked this game plus it showed us how a hikikomoro live his/her life until later which her ended up living in her mind or "void" which is kind of sad if you actually think about it. Like it shows us a representation (I said representation because as the game progresses, Yamasen just ended up in hilarious and possibly seem impossible situations, sure it's possible but small chance) on how people with social anxiety struggle.

Plus I liked the detail when she was living in the void and wants us to decorate and the furniture slowly disappears, I liked that little detail because it shows us that you can't really live on your mind, like you can't put tangible items into your mind, you can only imagine them and slowly forget about them.

Btw idk if it's just me but I lose my progress when I restarted the game which is kind of sad, but at least I took some photos


I like your analysis. Thanks for playing


This game felt more like a character study and how social anxiety basically consumed her and decided to live inside her own mind instead of actually living in the real world
ending felt pretty bleak, this is not what i came for 


This game was really cute and the ending definitely got me. The more I played, the more extreme it got. Great game.


I have to say, I have zero interest in designing a functional home for her. What end up happening is... I put stuff to where it satisfy my own curiosity. The end is a little extreme and makes you wondering how does she survive all these years XD 

Is there a way to rotate items?


As of the current version of the game, no


Absolutely fantastic. The home designing elements, the humor, and the sad story of a hermit made this game a lot of fun to sit through and play.


Hey, game is great.
Just wanted to tell you: You accidentally bundled, together with the game, a shortcut to Visual Studio 2019.

Yeah it's just a shortcut but it's better to remove so you dont confuse some people.


whoops, I don't know how that ended up in there. I just took it out.

I'm glad you liked the game


It was a cute and fun game, my wife was watching me play and she started going angry with the girl for literally almost killing herself over her obsession and i was laughing the whole time.

Thanks for the 1 hour of fun time, mate. Hope to see more games from you.

(1 edit) (+4)

Haha this game is so good! I love how much mileage you were able to get out of a seemingly straightforward concept, and in really unexpected ways! I played this game with my partner and since I didn’t see the game description, I genuinely thought there was going to be like one level; seeing it instead evolve into spoiler warning increasingly absurd scenarios was really funny and entertaining. Also the music was great!

Altogether this is a very cute and charming game, and as someone who also struggles with social anxiety, definitely a bit relatable as well. Thanks for sharing :)


Oh also! I totally didn’t think to screenshot my designs, so I want to second that a gallery mode that saves your completed rooms would be a great addition if you get the chance!


Thank you so much!


Delightful game, and a somewhat saddening story making you question and reflect on what a lot of people may be struggling with. I really enjoyed this experience. I would have loved to have a gallery in the game for the completed room decorations.


Thanks for the feedback, that's a great idea


good game

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